High Court Suggests Terming Orphange as Home for Children

File photo of Madras High Court.

Chennai:  The Madras High Court on Saturday suggested service organisations running orphanages shed the term ‘orphanage’ and instead call themselves home for children.

Justice S Nagamuthu, making observations while passing orders on a civil dispute over a 2.09-acre plot of land at Korattur in Chennai, said “words such as orphan and orphanage should disappear from English dictionary”.

The judge also directed G Elumalai and S Gopal, real estate dealers, to pay Rs 16,000 each to Varadhappa Choultry Orphanage near Chennai for their involvement in creating false land documents. The amount will be used for stitching dresses for inmates of the home.

“Children who have been neglected by their parents and relatives and children who have lost their parents are only children in need of care and protection”, the judge observed.

“The state has a constitutional obligation to assure them a dignified life. It is true that this task has been undertaken by a number of organisations established by pious and service-oriented people.  But many of these organisations, unfortunately or inadvertently, given themselves the name as orphanages,” the judge said.

The judge found that a fraudulent claim based on concocted records had been made on the ownership and possession of the land, leading to prolonged litigation.

He said the duo should be made to face criminal proceedings for furnishing false records, but added that he would instead make them pay the cost for having wasted valuable time of courts.

Counsel for the actual owner of the property suggested the cost be paid in favour of either legal services authority or an orphanage. Counsel for the erring duo too agreed to the suggestion.
Using the term orphanage might create a sense of insecurity and a feeling of loneliness in the minds of children. Noting that they are experiencing depressed thoughts and feelings, the judge said “we should not add to their depression by calling them as orphans.”

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World Orphan Day

World Orphan Day

An Orphan (from the Greek orfanos) is a youngster whose folks are dead or have relinquished them forever. In like manner utilization, just a kid who has lost both folks is called a vagrant. At the point when alluding to creatures, just the mother’s condition is typically important. In the event that she has gone, the posterity is a vagrant, paying little heed to the father’s condition.

Grown-ups can likewise be alluded to as Joshua, or grown-up vagrants. Nonetheless, survivors who arrived at adulthood before their guardians passed on are ordinarily not called vagrants. It is a term for the most part held for kids whose folks have kicked the bucket while they are so adolescent it would be impossible help themselves.

Different gatherings use diverse definitions to recognize vagrants. One legitimate definition utilized as a part of the United States is a minor dispossessed through “death or vanishing of, deserting or abandonment by, or partition or misfortune from, both parents”.

This extraordinary day has been placed set up so as to attract thoughtfulness regarding the predicament of the world’s vagrants. Kids everywhere throughout the globe can get to be stranded for some reasons: war, starvation, removal, infection or destitution. To verify that they are not overlooked, once a year there is an extraordinary day devoted just to them: World Orphans Day. This unique day falls on the second Monday of every November. On this day individuals are swayed to energetically take part to help bring issues to light, help and financing for overall vagrants. This can be as a gift or a gathering sponsorship occasion to raise cash. Individuals are likewise urged to support an individual kid in a shelter or to put resources into instruction programs that expect to give vagrants another begin in life. There are numerous approaches to help vagrants and this yearly day expects to bring those thoughts to as wide a crowd of people as could be allowed.

In the regular utilize, a vagrant does not have any surviving guardian to look after him or her. Then again, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Joint United Nations Program on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS), and different gatherings name any youngster that has lost one guardian as a vagrant. In this approach, a maternal vagrant is a kid whose mother has passed on, a fatherly vagrant is a tyke whose father has kicked the bucket, and a twofold vagrant has lost both folks. This stands out from the more established utilization of half-vagrant to portray youngsters that had lost stand out guardian.

Wars and extraordinary scourges, for example, AIDS, have made numerous vagrants. The Second World War, with its monstrous quantities of passings and populace developments, made vast quantities of vagrants with evaluations for Europe running from 1,000,000 to 13,000,000. Judt (2006) evaluations there were 9,000 stranded kids in Czechoslovakia, 60,000 in the Netherlands 300,000 in Poland and 200,000 in Yugoslavia, in addition to a lot of people all the more in the Soviet Union, Germany, Italy and somewhere else.

Stranded characters are greatly normal as abstract heroes, particularly in kids’ and dream writing. The absence of folks leaves the characters to seek after all the more intriguing and brave lives, by liberating them from familial commitments and controls, and denying them of more common lives. It makes characters that are independent and thoughtful and who strive for friendship. Vagrants can allegorically scan for seeing toward oneself through endeavoring to know their roots. Folks can likewise be partners and wellsprings of help for youngsters, and uprooting the folks makes the character’s troubles more extreme. Folks, moreover, can be superfluous to the topic an essayist is attempting to create, and stranding the character liberates the author from the need to portray such an insignificant relationship; if one guardian youngster relationship is paramount, evacuating the other guardian counteracts entangling the essential relationship. All these attributes make vagrants appealing characters for creators.

Vagrants are normal in fables, for example, most variations of Cinderella.

Celebrated vagrants incorporate world pioneers, for example, Nelson Mandela and Andrew Jackson; the Hebrew prophet Moses and the Muslim prophet Muhammad; authors, for example, Edgar Allan Poe, and Leo Tolstoy. The American vagrant Henry Darger depicted the unpleasant states of his shelter in his work of art. Other prominent vagrants incorporate stimulation greats, for example, Louis Armstrong, Marilyn Monroe, Babe Ruth, Ray Charles and Frances Mcdormand, and incalculable anecdotal characters in writing and funnies.


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