World Orphan Day

World Orphan Day

An Orphan (from the Greek orfanos) is a youngster whose folks are dead or have relinquished them forever. In like manner utilization, just a kid who has lost both folks is called a vagrant. At the point when alluding to creatures, just the mother’s condition is typically important. In the event that she has gone, the posterity is a vagrant, paying little heed to the father’s condition.

Grown-ups can likewise be alluded to as Joshua, or grown-up vagrants. Nonetheless, survivors who arrived at adulthood before their guardians passed on are ordinarily not called vagrants. It is a term for the most part held for kids whose folks have kicked the bucket while they are so adolescent it would be impossible help themselves.

Different gatherings use diverse definitions to recognize vagrants. One legitimate definition utilized as a part of the United States is a minor dispossessed through “death or vanishing of, deserting or abandonment by, or partition or misfortune from, both parents”.

This extraordinary day has been placed set up so as to attract thoughtfulness regarding the predicament of the world’s vagrants. Kids everywhere throughout the globe can get to be stranded for some reasons: war, starvation, removal, infection or destitution. To verify that they are not overlooked, once a year there is an extraordinary day devoted just to them: World Orphans Day. This unique day falls on the second Monday of every November. On this day individuals are swayed to energetically take part to help bring issues to light, help and financing for overall vagrants. This can be as a gift or a gathering sponsorship occasion to raise cash. Individuals are likewise urged to support an individual kid in a shelter or to put resources into instruction programs that expect to give vagrants another begin in life. There are numerous approaches to help vagrants and this yearly day expects to bring those thoughts to as wide a crowd of people as could be allowed.

In the regular utilize, a vagrant does not have any surviving guardian to look after him or her. Then again, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Joint United Nations Program on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS), and different gatherings name any youngster that has lost one guardian as a vagrant. In this approach, a maternal vagrant is a kid whose mother has passed on, a fatherly vagrant is a tyke whose father has kicked the bucket, and a twofold vagrant has lost both folks. This stands out from the more established utilization of half-vagrant to portray youngsters that had lost stand out guardian.

Wars and extraordinary scourges, for example, AIDS, have made numerous vagrants. The Second World War, with its monstrous quantities of passings and populace developments, made vast quantities of vagrants with evaluations for Europe running from 1,000,000 to 13,000,000. Judt (2006) evaluations there were 9,000 stranded kids in Czechoslovakia, 60,000 in the Netherlands 300,000 in Poland and 200,000 in Yugoslavia, in addition to a lot of people all the more in the Soviet Union, Germany, Italy and somewhere else.

Stranded characters are greatly normal as abstract heroes, particularly in kids’ and dream writing. The absence of folks leaves the characters to seek after all the more intriguing and brave lives, by liberating them from familial commitments and controls, and denying them of more common lives. It makes characters that are independent and thoughtful and who strive for friendship. Vagrants can allegorically scan for seeing toward oneself through endeavoring to know their roots. Folks can likewise be partners and wellsprings of help for youngsters, and uprooting the folks makes the character’s troubles more extreme. Folks, moreover, can be superfluous to the topic an essayist is attempting to create, and stranding the character liberates the author from the need to portray such an insignificant relationship; if one guardian youngster relationship is paramount, evacuating the other guardian counteracts entangling the essential relationship. All these attributes make vagrants appealing characters for creators.

Vagrants are normal in fables, for example, most variations of Cinderella.

Celebrated vagrants incorporate world pioneers, for example, Nelson Mandela and Andrew Jackson; the Hebrew prophet Moses and the Muslim prophet Muhammad; authors, for example, Edgar Allan Poe, and Leo Tolstoy. The American vagrant Henry Darger depicted the unpleasant states of his shelter in his work of art. Other prominent vagrants incorporate stimulation greats, for example, Louis Armstrong, Marilyn Monroe, Babe Ruth, Ray Charles and Frances Mcdormand, and incalculable anecdotal characters in writing and funnies.


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World Poverty Eradication Day – Poverty a Global Killer

Truly said Poverty is a Global Killer. How are we really gonna take care of this? Poverty seems not so burning problem as it seemed a few decades ago. However, there is statistics which says that there are millions of people who still fight for their food every day.


Destitution or Poverty is still one of the imperative issues on the Earth despite the fact that it can stand right close such dynamic accomplishments as engineering advancements and experimental revelations.

People have additionally declared strategy of equity and sufficient supply of essentials for everyone. Therefore, it is imperative to comprehend the genuine reasons of destitution with a specific end goal to really demonstrate we can overcome it. Initially, neediness is at the base of deforestation, area corruption, and the demolition of beachfront natural surroundings. A huge number of destitute are constrained, everywhere throughout the world, to over-utilize their natural surroundings within request to survive. This issue is exacerbated by developing populace. The pulverization of the characteristic asset base is destined to proceed the length of the states of destitution stay unaddressed. Desertification coming about structure environmental change and overexploitation debilitates minor farmlands in numerous regions. The seas are supplement…

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Things to ensure while Booking Hotel through Online

Good and interesting article about Online Interest now a days with people. How to take care of yourself with online booking or reservations tips is wonderful.

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Consistently is more normal book the occasion by means of the web and skim for the lodgings that are closest to the tastes and needs of the customer. From five star facilities to the more humble, the Network serves to check accessibility of dates, room limit or costs of the same, however might likewise be some uncertainty as to the dependability or worries about the last hold so from the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) propose ten essential tips to evade issues.

Ten Tips to revel in an excursion without feeling bamboozled.


The inn stays can be orchestrated through the own sites of foundations while it is not difficult to discover bargains on comparators as Kayak or delight is the place you ought to give careful consideration to the costs and conditions offered that can get to be dependent upon 50 percent lower contrasted…

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How do current generation think about marriage?

Wedding, a magical relationship of bringing two various family members together. It’s a commitment between guy and girl to share each others love, affection and sorrow for life long.

But what is actually happening? In this post that is what is actually about to discussed. It might be my personal view or anyone grievance inside their heart. Let us get into the facts and figures of a traditional Indian wedding ceremony.

When was your last time of enjoyment in a wedding? I am asking about actual wedding ceremony where you did enjoyed as yourself and not like a person who has lots of commitments to do.  Did you really know how our traditional way of wedding happened? Or why the same actually took place for days? Or why it had so many rituals to be followed?

The answer from the current generation would be “WHY I SHOULD KNOW?”. These are the generation who really get into Western Culture and really wanna forget about their own culture where they are being bought up.  The so called Western Culture likes to follow our traditional aspects by all means like Yoga, Mantra, etc., but we who are really behind the same tend to follow their culture which really makes our elder people sick enough that they are not even able express their feelings.

What really is a Wedding according to Indian Culture?

A Hindu wedding is called vedas or vivaha (Hindi: विवाह), and the wedding ceremony is called vivaah sanskar. The wedding ceremony is traditionally conducted entirely, or at least partially in Sanskrit, considered by Hindus as the language of holy ceremonies. The local language of the people involved is also used. The Hindus attach a lot of importance to marriages, the ceremonies are very colourful, and celebrations may extend for several days. The bride’s and groom’s home – entrance, doors, wall, floor, roof – are sometimes decorated with colors, balloons and other decorations.

The rituals and process in a Hindu wedding vary widely. Nevertheless, there are a few key rituals common in Hindu weddings – Kanyadaan, Panigrahana, and Saptapadi, which are respectively, gifting away of daughter by the father, voluntarily holding hand near the fire to signify union, and taking seven steps with each step includes a vow/promise to each other before fire. The Hindu wedding ceremony at its core is essentially a Vedic yajna ritual. The primary witness of a Hindu marriage is the fire-deity (or the Sacred Fire) Agni, in the presence of family and friends.

The pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals and celebrations vary by region, preferences or the resources of the groom, bride and their families. They can range from one day to multi-day events. Pre-wedding ceremonies include engagement (involving vagdana or betrothal and lagna-patra written declaration), and arrival of the groom’s party at the bride’s residence, often in the form of a formal procession with dancing and music. The post-wedding ceremonies may include Abhishek, Anna Prashashan, Aashirvadah, and Grihapravesa – the welcoming of the bride to her new home.

In India, where most Hindus live, by law and tradition, no Hindu marriage is binding and complete unless the ritual of seven steps and vows in presence of fire (Saptapadi) is completed by the bride and the groom together.

What is happening at present?

A Wedding in present days after 90’s (globalization) had come across various changes which are really pathetic for our traditions. Our father’s and fore father’s had formulated a concept of wedding that had paved ways to many outcomes which are not being followed now but a modern trend of marriage is taking place through which the younger generation surpass the tradition which is being put forth for decades and decades in our country.

During early days parents or the elder people in families used have conversations of wedding and they were really aware of consequences of a wedding. They plan accordingly that the ceremony goes in order that the guy or girl from the house do really lead a life in a very happy and prosperous way.  No such distractions/divorce or anything to live separately among each other was found during past years.

But now a days its very familiar to hear that couples getting into conflict and split. But why? The main reason identified on that is EGO; Family values; Media; and many more.  The exposure to many things not only led us to diseased environment but also to a Culture Killing environment.

Do we really respect our parents? Do we really respect our family values? Do we really respect our traditional values?  Think of the same…..where are we heading towards? A dead end of culture. No relatives; no friends; no neighbors; but only you and your so called TECH GADGET which is not even going to help you in personal or a good relationship building.

A marriage in our tradition brought in people from various places into one perfect bond. A marriage in our tradition brought in all the relatives/neighbors/friends together to share their known/unknown. A marriage in tradition brought in our values of living together throughout the life facing any hurdles or happiness.  A marriage in our tradition brought in values of RELATIONSHIP,  which is what we are slowly but lastly we are loosing up in the name of MODERN DAY WEDDING.

Let us think of our traditional values and bring in our own habitual in getting things done.

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A Happy moment of Wedding
Wedding in India


Why an Individual Praise?

Indian Voice

Good Morning folks. Again in the row of arrest of a diplomat in U.S. Indian Government takes all superb steps to get her out (as per US officials she committed crime of appointing a person with forged documents, but working in consulate). But people here in TN (Fishermen) are getting assaulted daily: ACTION PENDING, Daily so many known crime are staged in our country: ACTION PENDING, More than 14,00,000 registered cases pending in country: ACTION PENDING.

But for an individual who committed crime (as per US officials) the whole politicians act so vigorously. – Why politicians from south unite to raise their voice against atrocities against Sri Lankan arrests? – Why Politicians of North West protest against atrocities of Pakistan’s rivalry against our army and citizens? – Why Politicians of North East raise their rage against China who slowly penetrate into our country?

But raising voice, protest and rage against a person who deliberately committed crime is being supported and also being appointed with more powers. WHY???????????????????

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Indian Voice
Indian against Atrocities


India is a country with large of mix in culture, people, religion & beliefs. It has come a long way from the scratch of human civilisation to a country which stands among all other nations presently. It’s being told by all the scientists, palaeontologists and astronomers that our country has vast but very deep information of history in the development of human knowledge & civilisation.
Our country has seen lot of developments as well as lot of battles and struggles to sustain the knowledge, wealth & living beings. Starting from the invasion of Western Countries to plunder the wealth earned by our country, our country had survived and strived to maintain its huge potential of information through which it regained again and again in spite of so many war & battles happened during the period of Indian development.
Our country had seen many Kings, Emperor’s & Politicians, rise & fall of many Kingdom & Political parties and many hurdles in society & culture. For over 200 years we were under the rule of British Empire. They had also plundered our wealth and exploited our people. Lot of religious violence also took place but they ensured that their colony rule in highly acclaimed by developing basic infrastructure facilities to our country. Those are still being used and will also be used.
After this entire struggle our country gained its independence and also seen 67 years of ruling by various Political parties (majority of ruling by Congress). We should accept that our country developed in various sectors through these years, but also we should just go back to our very past where we were the dominant species in various fields. Art, Architecture, Astronomy, Astrology, Culture, Irrigation, Science & Research, Medicine, etc., some of the examples that state our majestic knowledge.
But now we are yet again facing a freedom struggle. Independence we need from Brain Storming by the developed nations. A new highly advanced way of plundering the wealth of a country code named as “Global Integration”. Through this we had lost our own heritage, culture, brotherhood and even lost our family. Each and everyone in this country are so well being brain stormed that all are running for nothing. They are not even having time to look back on things they lost during the marathon of life and the only motive is to earn more to live competitively with his/her neighbours. All the earnings of the person is only a meagre of the profits that are been earned by the multi-national companies in our country which we opened the gates to install themselves. We gave them so many offers and forgot to provide the same to our highly potential resources.
Presently we are facing economic terrorism by many developed countries against our country, not only us but also to the many developing countries with high potential of natural & human wealth. The developed countries are capable enough of going on moral war & civil war against the countries they think of huge profits. Unknown of these Black holes many countries interested in getting foreign currency into their country open the gates and do all kind hail to welcome them. After plundering the wealth & resources like a blood thirsty leeches, the developed countries pull away their investments whenever they feel they had enough.
Presently our nation is also facing the same kind of “ECONOMIC TERRORISM”. We were once highly intelligent, resourceful and ethical. Our people were honest, principled and strict in cultural values. But now all are changed or made to change by the invaders. Our people lost their cultural heritage values and now live like the very past humans. We are now living in an uncivilised society were we face many unprecedented dangers, struggles and more from our own brotherhood which we were not during past & during our struggle for freedom.
We are heading for waterfall of Volatile Economy, Animalistic Society & Unstable Resources. Our Politicians are trying selling each and every citizen of the country in order to settle more than their 10 to 20 upcoming generations. No politician actually knows about their own wealth because of the earnings made through all corruption.
We should wake up now to know on the actual happening around us. All multinational companies kill our Desi Brands to establish their own brands. Through this all the money our country needs to earn to sustain itself is being offered to all the brands come from other countries. Our Currency rates fall and other currency rates keep on rising because of this. We are not ready to encourage our own Brands. How many of us are ready to wear Khaddar dresses, how many of us using natural sources for our dermatological needs, how many we use our own country brew brands on day to day life. We are being pushed to spend out of our limits by the society which leeches on the foreign brands. We should feel ashamed of neglected our own Mom & Dad, Brothers & Sisters, Uncle & Aunt and encouraging Strangers in our life.
Now we are struck at the outer circle of the Black Hole and before the hole swallows us let us wake up. The alarm is set now to change ourselves. It’s hard to change immediately but it’s unavoidable. We should go on another freedom fight to ensure our culture and civilisation’s existence in the world. If this is not going to happen this saying “The rich becomes more rich and the poor become most poor” will change one day to “The World is for only rich and all others are only scavengers.
Think now; Act now. Jai Hind.

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Economic Terror