First time voters want Narendra Modi as PM, suggests India Today-CVoter Youth Survey.
Its becoming slowly but steadily mandatory win of Sri.Narendra Modi. The Youth Survey conducted by India Today indicates a clean and clear needs of the first time voters. This kind of information is really a welcome note on foreseeing the upcoming elections 2014.
Our country had come across so many leaders after independence, but till the day our country had not seen any particular acceptable development. Even before 1947, the British Empire had built so many buildings which still stays as built. But the devotion towards our country among people had slowly gone missing. Everyday we hear about some problem or issue in our society which are gone beyond our thinking. Human lives are not given importance even as other livelihood.
Each side the common man is getting into trouble. But the person who everyone selected is not even looking behind.
But now we as people got a chance to get a good leader, a good motivator and a good entrepreneur. Lets learn lessons from the past ruling and decide our fate. Jai hind.


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