Why an Individual Praise?

Indian Voice

Good Morning folks. Again in the row of arrest of a diplomat in U.S. Indian Government takes all superb steps to get her out (as per US officials she committed crime of appointing a person with forged documents, but working in consulate). But people here in TN (Fishermen) are getting assaulted daily: ACTION PENDING, Daily so many known crime are staged in our country: ACTION PENDING, More than 14,00,000 registered cases pending in country: ACTION PENDING.

But for an individual who committed crime (as per US officials) the whole politicians act so vigorously. – Why politicians from south unite to raise their voice against atrocities against Sri Lankan arrests? – Why Politicians of North West protest against atrocities of Pakistan’s rivalry against our army and citizens? – Why Politicians of North East raise their rage against China who slowly penetrate into our country?

But raising voice, protest and rage against a person who deliberately committed crime is being supported and also being appointed with more powers. WHY???????????????????

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